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12.05.21 Update

After much deliberation, extensive research and risk assessments, it is with a heavy heart the committee have taken the decision not to open the playscheme this year, 2021. Due to the free flow way we work, we do not feel confident we can operate the scheme in a safe and enjoyable environment, as we have in previous years.We have not come to this decision lightly and we are aware this may cause some of you disappointment, as it has for us and our children. However we are confident this is the right decision during these uncertain times. We hope to see you back with us next year, 2022, and look forward to fun times once more. Stay safe, thank you.

Nailsea Playscheme Committee


Running for more than 30 years

The Nailsea Summer Playscheme has been operating successfully for over 30 years as a two week summer scheme for primary aged children in Nailsea and surrounding areas. We understand the peace of mind brought by knowing your children are in safe hands whilst enjoying fun and stimulating activities.

The Playscheme Committee is run by 5 local parents, all with either professional or childcare qualifications, and purely on a voluntary basis. In order for the scheme to run successfully and to meet strict OFSTED guidelines, we spend many hours meeting together and planning the years playscheme, including booking activities, employing staff and generally doing our best to make sure the scheme runs successfully and as smoothly as possible. We do this with enthusiasm and to the best of our abilities, so please bear this in mind when things may not run as smoothly as they should, we try very hard to get it right!

Our Policies

Below are links to our policies for you to read online or to download, just click on the appropriate button. These policies are reviewed frequently.

Due to changes in legislation from OFSTED, we are no longer required to be OFSTED registered. We do, however, adhere to the same strict rules and procedures we have always done and all of these policies and procedures can be inspected on request during the two weeks the scheme is running.